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Winaudiomls: The software package for electrical-acoustic measurements. THD, FFT, frequency response, etc.

WinAudioMLS is a professional Windows application for powerful real-time signal and system analysis.

WinAudioMLS converts your PC with a soundcard into a professional audio and signal analyzer. By using the PC environment, it is not only a cost efficient replacement for classical laboratory equipment. WinAudioMLS offers more powerful features combined with a comfortable user interface.

Typical applications are loudspeaker measurements, repair and design of audio equipment. WinAudioMLS can also be used to adjust PA-systems, judgment of room acoustics, noise measurements or tuning of musical instruments. In addition there are many areas in the industrial measurements e.g. vibration analyis.

Although WinAudioMLS is focused to audio, it has many applications in the area of sub - and supersonic engineering. WinAudioMLS supports industrial measurement cards and reaches an analog bandwidths of DC to 250kHz. The maximum sample rate is 1MHz.

If you run WinAudioMLS on a notebook, you can easily build a mobile measurement system. WinAudioMLS is widely used for educational purposes.

Most analyzer tools available today do not allow the measurement of a transfer function in real-time. With the unique features of WinAudioMLS you can e.g. directly measure the spatial dependencies of the transfer function of a loudspeaker by just moving the microphone. The current transfer function will be displayed in real-time.

We offer WinAudioMLS in four basis versions (Light, PRO, PRO EX and LAB see summary table). Each of these versions can be extended with optional plug-ins e.g. 64 channels with 192kHz/24 bits.

Why Winaudiomls?

  • WinaudioMLS is much more than a simple FFT-Analyzer. It is a complete measurement solution covering a wide range of applications.
  • WinAudioMLS uses highly sophisticated signal processing algorithms.
  • Plugin interface open for third parties to save your investment.
  • WinAudioMLS is optimized for speed. On a typical 1GHz CPU the CPU load is below 4%. We claim to have designed the fastest signal processing and display engine available on the market. This highly optimized engine leaves room for advanced postprocessing algorithms. Compare yourself.
  • Winaudiomls is not limited to sound cards. We suppport industrial measuremetn interfaces from Datatranslation, Picoscope or MCCdaq
  • Run and measure: Lean, easy to use interface. Just run it and you will instantly see a live spectrum without searching through complex configurations.
  • Free upgrade and support within one year.

Do you want to measure sound level, room acoustics, psychoacoustics, building acoustics?

If your focus is on sound level measurements according to international standards, you should consider our software Akulap. Akulap sets the focus on sound level measurements, room acoustics, psychoacoustics, building acoustics.

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Since we offer many features for different areas, you might start first with your application to get an overview.

Do you want to measure amplifiers, filters, DSPs?

The most common variant is designed for high-end measurements on amplifiers, filters, DSPs. Consistently with 192khz/24bit and ASIO. We have put these functions together in one package.

Key Benefits PRO Version

  • FFT based spectrum analyzer
  • Transfer function measurements with maximum length sequences (MLS) and chirp
  • Phase and impulse response measurements
  • Frequency + distortion measurements
  • Oscilloscope to monitor the input signal
  • Ultra high precision FFT (up to 1 million points )
  • Weighting and windowing functions
  • Calibration capabilities
  • Unique pitch adjust to compensate frequency offsets
  • Runs with any windows compatible soundcard
  • Measurement cursor with real-time display
  • Line chart or bar graph with peak hold
  • Linear and logarithmic display
  • Line chart or bar graph with peak hold
  • Display reference measurement simultaneously (overlays)
  • Display min, max and average simultaneously
  • Easy to use zoom function
  • Export functions
  • Supports 96kHz sample rate
  • Supports multiple sound devices
  • Signal generator is totally independent and can be run on a different machine
  • Copy to clipboard dta and graphics
  • Printing

Key Benefits PRO EX Version

  • Dual channel FFT+ MLS analyzer
  • Time frequency analysis with a spectrogram
  • Measure cross-correlation
  • Measure impedance
  • Intermodulation measurement
  • THD measurement with marker at the harmonics
  • Measure frequency response with real music signals instead of synthetic signals
  • Various digital signal processing options in time and frequency domain

LAB edition

our high-end product with unique features.

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WinAudioMLS offers plug-ins for special applications. These plug-ins are not part of the standard package, but we offer them as an upgrade.

Requirements of all versions

  • Microsoft windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 /11 32 and 64 bit
  • CPU clock >1Ghz
  • RAM 1GB
  • Windows compatible sound device or measurement card from Datatranslation, Picoscope or MCCdaq