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This page gives you an overview of our products and services


We offer:

  1. Turnkey audio measurment solutions->Akulap
  2. A rich set of products dedicated to audio measurment
  3. Measurements a service
  4. Training and consultancy
  5. Full custom soultions
  6. Plug-ins for the Audio Precision APX series
  7. Calibration and repair


Our Webshop

You can find many of our products in our Webshop . We ship worldwide.

In our webshop you will find all our software products and additional hardware e.g.  Interfaces, Microphones, Calibrators, Loudspeakers etc.


Our focus

We emphasize our core areas

  • Room acoustics
  • Building acoustics
  • Envirinmental noise
  • Noise at work
  • Psycho-acoustics



Complete measurement systems

For many measurement tasks we offer complete measurement systems including our software and additional hardware.  These bundles are carefully selected and deliver the functionality you need for the application.

For special requirements we offer custom specific turnkey solutions.



Audio measurement suite for sound level measurements (IEC61672-1), room-acoustics (ISO3382), building-acoustics, psycho-acoustics, long-term measurements


Audio and signal analyzer for electro-acoustic measurements, e.g. THD, FFT, frequency response etc.

Signal generator

Software based signal generator with real-time DSP-processing


Individual solutions

We offer customized measurement solutions. we cover all kind of ares in the aarea of audio processing