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What is new at Dr-Jordan-Design?


  • Akulap .wav file analysis tool. Makes measurements with your sound level meter (e.g. NTI XL2 or NTI XL3 ), export the .wav file and make advanced analysis (e.g. psycho-acoustics) with Akulap (Akulap .wav file analyzer)
  • White Paper for psycho-acoustics : Advanced audio analysis with Akulap / Audio Precision  (Basics for psycho acoustics)
  • Akulap calculates according to GMW18141 and GMW14155: Laboratory Evaluation of Mechanical Sounds Produced by Electrical Switches. This procedure describes a laboratory method for evaluating component sound quality metrics for automotive customer actuated switches.
    It is applicable for any physical switches used by vehicle occupants to actuate specific functions, such as toggle switches, push buttons, rockers, etc.
  • Akulap calculates psychoacoustic metrics for ITT equipment Part 1 (prominent discrete tones) according to ECMA 418-1 Annex B
  • Plug-in for Audio Precision APX Framework to measure psycho-acoustics parameters (time-variant Loudness in sone DIN45631/A1 ISO532-1, Sharpness, Roughness, Impulsiveness) Psycho-acoustic plug-ins fpr APX
  • Akulap: Modules Psycho-Acoustics II und III. Time-variant Loudness sone according DIN45631/A1  ISO 532, Sharpness, Roughness, Impulsiveness more
  • Lab Measurements with our APX555 from Audio Precision Measurement service at our Lab
  • We introduce our new flag-ship USB Measurement Microphone ATD5-T with dynamic from 15 to 143dB and frequency range up to 90kHz.High dynamic USB Measurement microphones
  • Akulap supports the USB Interface DT9837A from Data Translation ( DC to 24kHz) with 4x ICP/IEPE inputs. This system is suitable for multichannel applications Multichannel measurements with Data Translation interfaces
  • Akulap supports Picoscope PS4000 series for DC to 1MHz with 2x ICP/IEPE inputs Using Picoscope interfaces
  • Akulap measurement system for room acoustics, building acoustics and noise analysis Akulap
  • Building acoustics according to  ISO/DIN 16283-1 DIN EN ISO 140 and DIN EN ISO 712. We cover sound insulation and impact level Building acoustics
  • High performance USB measurement microphones. Measurements were never easier  more...
  • We offer complete measurements bundles with software and hardware for room acoustics. more...
  • We offer our software for educational purposes at special very low cost. These packages are technically not restricted. More...
  • Long-term sound level monitor from seconds to months  more....
  • Did you ever think of creating a detailed measurement report, viewable with your favorite web-browser, with just one mouse click?. Here you will find an example for such automatic report.