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This is a special multi level calibrator. It can be used e.g.  to verify the linarity of a microphone.

In addition, for ultra low noise microphones, a typical calibrator with 94dB will overload the microphone


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  • Mulitlevel 104dB 94dB 84dB 74dB
  • air pressure
  • humidity
  • temperature
  • Built-in LiPo accumulator
  • can be charged via USB
  • fits 1" and 1/2" optionally 1/4"
  • data output via RS232


  • Sound Level Pressure (SPL)   104dB 94dB 84dB 74dB
  • Accuracy    IEC 60942:2003 standard, Type 1
  • SPL accuracy     ± 0.3 dB
  • Frequency accuracy   ± 0.2 %