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Akulap Building Acoustics Reporter

Akulap Building Acoustics Reporter measures and generates reports for air bourne sound insulation and impact sound.


  • air bourne sound insulation
  • impact sound
  • According to ISO140, ISO16283-1/2, ISO717-1/2


  • Controls measurement instrument (various sound level meters)
  • Organize all measurement data
  • Various chart and table view
  • Perfectly formatted and customizable PDF report
  • Export data to Excel via Clipboard
  • Languages: English, Deutsch, Español


  • R', D ,Dn, DnT
  • L'n, L'nT
  • CXX spectrum adaptation terms
  • in 1/3 octave bands and as a single value
  • 50-5000Hz


  • Background noise correction
  • Reports the air bourne part for impact measurements (ISO 16283-2)

Data import:

  • Via clipboard (this technique works for almost any measurement device)
  • Controls measurement instrument directly via USB (start/stop, live view, import).
  • Supported measurement Systems: Akulap, Svantek SV979, NTI XL2, Bedrock SM30/50/90


  • Measurement device (SPL in 1/3 octave bands, and reverberation time RT60)
  • Windows PC: win 7, 8, 10, 11 32/64 Bit USB port

Supported Measurement devices:

Akulap Building Acoustics Reporter can control a measurement device via USB. You can start or stop a measurement, configure device settings, get a live view of the data and import them directly.

Currently we support

  • Akulap via USB Measurement microphone IEC61672 class 1+2
  • Svantek SV979 IEC61672 class 1 with type approval
  • NTI XL2 (requires remote control module from NTI) IEC61672 class 1+2 with optional type approval
  • Bedrock SM30/50/90 IEC61672 class 1+2

Details we would like to emphasize

Akulap Building Acoustics Reporter generates a perfectly formatted and customizable PDF reports. The PDF files are generated internally. There is no need to install any virtual PDF printer driver.