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A sound level calibrator generates a tone at a fixed frequency and a fixed level. Most widely we have calibrators with a level of 94dB at 1000Hz


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Sound level calibrators can be divided into the following categories

  • class 1 devices: deviation +/- 0.2dB   The reference class e.g. Bruel Kjaer 4231, Svantek, Norsonic usw.
  • class 2 devices:. deviation +/- 0.5dB  There are many applications where a little less precision is sufficient. For many years the Center 326  is a proven reliable tool.
  • "China" devices: These units do not fullfill class 1 or 2 requirements. These cheap devices are not controlled. This means, they do not include a reference microphone to control the sound level in a closed loop. The initial calibration from the manufacturer is unknown. But for deviations of 1-2dB, these units are useful.
  • special calibrators with multi level (74dB , 84dB 104dB) and special frequencies (Center 327 125 and 250Hz)

In addition to brand new calibrators we offer checked and calibrated 2nd hand units (e.g  B&K 4231, or the older well known B&K 4230)