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Behringer ECM8000 calibrated 



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Behringer measurement microphone ECM8000 individually calibrated in a precision pressure chamber

This package includes a calibration file für REW (Room Equalization Wizard) as req. file

This measurement microphone ECM8000 by Behringer is widely used, because it has an excellent price performance ratio.

This microphone is basically a 1/4" electret capsule in a 1/2" housing. It fits to typical sound level calibrators.

Unfortunatly, the frequency response varies strongly from microphone to microphone. The original package does not contain an individual calibration certificate.

A measurement of the frequency response requires a professional setup to acieve realiable results. Even for the sensitivity  (mv/Pa), you will require a sound level calibrator

We use a professional measurement equipment to calibrate the ECM8000 individually.

This setup consists off:

  • Audio Analyzer Audio Precision APX555
  • Reference microphone G.R.A.S. 40AE
  • Precsion pressure chamber Spektra SQ 4.2
  • NTI IS1002 switcher ICP/P48
  • Sound level calibrator Bruel&Kjaer 4231

The package contains:

  • Behringer ECM8000 (new)
  • Calibration chart from us including sensitivity (mV/Pa), frequency response as .pdf and as ASCII file
  • Calibration file für REW (Room Equalization Wizard) as req. file

You can find an example calibration report here