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We have a variety of measuring instruments from well-known manufacturers (Bruel and Kjaer, Svantek, Norsonic, NTI, PCB, MTG), which we use depending on your requirements.

These are among others PTB approved class 1 sound level meters e.g. Svantek SV979.

We can measure in the frequency range from less than 1Hz up to 100kHz, covering a level range from 5.5dB(A) to 170dB.

As sound sources we use dodecahedrons, tapping machines, mouth simulators, etc.

With the interfaces of Data Translation we can also offer multi-channel measurements.

In our laboratory you will find the APX555 from Audio Precision, the worldwide reference for audio analyzers.

With our own software Akulap we can cover a wide range of measurements. In addition, we can integrate customer-specific adaptations for you.


 apx555 plus specs



List of our measurement device in our lab


Manufacturer Type Description
Audio Precision APx555 Worldwide leading reference for audio analyzers
Agilent/Keysight U8903A Audio Analyzer
Agilent/Keysight 33500B Arbitrary Generator
Data translation DT9837A 4 channel ICP Interface
Rigol DM3061 Lab precision multimeter with 6.5 digits
Peaktech 4025 Generator
Picoscope 4224 ICP PC Oszilloskop
GRAS 40HL Ultra low noise measurement microphone <6.5dB(A)
MTG MK301E 1/4" microphone >70kHz, type approved
GRAS 40AE 1/2" microphone, type approved
MTG Mk225 1/2" microphone, type approved
Spektra SQ4.2 Precision calibration system
PCB instruments    vibration calibrator
Bruel&Kjaer 4222 Pistonphone
Bruel&Kjaer 4230 acoustic calibrator
Bruel&Kjaer 4231 acoustic calibrator, class 1 type approved
Norsonic 1251 acoustic calibrator, class 1 type approved
AWA 6223 Mulilevel Sound level calibrator Class 1 74dB/84/94/104dB
Pulsar 105 acoustic calibrator, class 1 type approved
Bedrock SM50 Sound level meter STIPA
Svantek SV979 class 1 sound level meter, class 1 type approved
NTI XL2 Sound level meter STIPA
NTI AL1 Sound level meter STIPA
Ntek   Dodecahedron
Ntek   Loudspeaker for building acoustics
Ntek   Tapping machine
Bruel Kjaer   Mouth simulator
Bruel Kjaer   Sound power source
RST   Ear simulator
div div power supply
div div pre amplifier
div div Soundcards e.g.. RME