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Lab Measurements with the APX555 from Audio Precision

Since we own in our Lab the flagship Audio Analyzer APX555 from Audio Precision, we publish some measurement results (currently in german) from commercial devices.

Please note, that we offer measurements from your devices in our LAB. You will get world leading measurement equipment plus our experienced engineering. The results from an APX555 from Audio Precision are worldwide recognized as a reference. We can do small series batch testing as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Key features of the APX555

  • ultra low distortion and noise over a wide dynamic range
  • balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs
  • Analog input bandwiths 1MHz
  • DAC generator 80kHz bandwiths
  • analog generator (ultra low distortion) 200kHz bandwiths

Self test of the APX555

Setup: loopback balanced (input and output connected) low distortion analog generator

FFT spectrum of a 1kHz tone

1Khz from the analog generator

THD vs level @ 1kHz

1Khz from the analog generator

It is essential for an audio analyzer to reach good analog performance over a wide input dynamic range and not at a certain level, only.

At the ultra low distortion area above 1V input level, you will see some fluctuation of the distortion readings. The APX555 uses internal attanuators for optimum ranges. If you need to measure below 0.00005% you will need to set even the APX555 to optimum levels manually. But typically you are more limited by shielding.

THD+N vs level @ 1kHz

1Khz from the analog generator

Since THD+N includes distortion and noise the readings are slightly higher.

full report with self test

Beyond analog performance, the APX555 can generate comprehensive automatic reports with the "sequence mode".

Selftest of our APX555 with balanced loopback